Thursday, April 2, 2009

Frost, Al Jazeera, ITV & BBC

Guardian 'Media Monkey' reported:

Frost scotches ITV/al-Jazeera rumours - with an even better rumour
'It's not easy being Sir David Frost, winner of the Harvey Lee award for outstanding
contribution to broadcasting. It's not that you haven't got any stories to tell – he's got a
million of 'em, from Nixon, to Denis Thatcher to Loyd Grossman – although he doesn't tell
many about the latter. It's just that he's probably told quite a few of them before. But he
had a brand new one today, putting to bed those rumours linking one of his current
employers, al-Jazeera, with a bid for ITV. "There have been a lot of reports that al-Jazeera
is planning a bid for ITV," said Frost, juggling his audience in the palm of his hand. "I can
assure you that there are no truth in those rumours. It's the BBC they are bidding for."'

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